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Related concepts

healthcare actor
organization or person participating in healthcare
healthcare employment
contractual framework between a healthcare personnel and a healthcare organization describing the roles and responsibilities assigned to that healthcare personnel
healthcare organization
healthcare provider having an organization role
healthcare personnel
individual healthcare actor having a person role in a healthcare organization
healthcare professional
healthcare personnel having a healthcare professional entitlement recognized in a given jurisdiction
healthcare professional entitlement
registered authorization given to a person in order to allow the person to have or perform specific roles in healthcare
healthcare provider
healthcare actor that is able to be assigned one or more care period mandates
healthcare supporting organization
healthcare third party having organizational role
healthcare third party
healthcare actor other than a healthcare provider or the subject of care
next of kin
person role being either the closest living relative of the subject of care or identified as the one he has a close relationship with
organizational role
role undertaken by an organization
other carer
healthcare third party having person role
subject of care
healthcare actor with a person role; who seeks to receive, is receiving, or has received healthcare
subject of care proxy
healthcare third party having person role with the right to take decisions on behalf of the subject of care

UML class diagram

healthcare activity element: element of healthcare activity that addresses one type of purpose healthcare activity element healthcare needs assessment: healthcare assessment during which a healthcare professional considers a subject of care’s health need and determines the needed healthcare activities healthcare needs assessment healthcare assessment: healthcare activity element where an opinion related to health conditions and/or healthcare activities is formed healthcare assessment
Figure 2 Concepts related to healthcare actors - part 1
healthcare activity element: element of healthcare activity that addresses one type of purpose healthcare activity element clinical process outcome evaluation: healthcare evaluation where the effects of a clinical process on a health state are assessed against the target condition and/or a health condition representing the input health state clinical process outcome evaluation healthcare process evaluation: healthcare evaluation where healthcare processes are systematically assessed against requirements healthcare process evaluation healthcare evaluation: healthcare activity element where aspects of at least one other healthcare activity element is evaluated healthcare evaluation healthcare activity: activity intended directly or indirectly to improve or maintain a health state healthcare activity 0..* 1..* evaluates aspects of ►
Figure 3 Concepts related to healthcare actors - part 2

The representation of a model conforming to the international standard ISO 13940 available through this site is provided by Oughtibridge Ltd.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This work is based on a UML model prepared by Torbjørn Nystadnes of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, a subordinate agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.