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healthcare mandate commissioning a mandated period of care


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: care period mandate; 
Synonym: healthcare period mandate; 
Plural: care period mandates; 
Deprecated term: care mandate; 


NOTE 1 A care period mandate may be an agreement between the subject of care and a healthcare provider to provide specified healthcare services in a mandated period of care.

NOTE 2 In EN 13940-1:2007 care mandate was the preferred term for this concept.


Diagrammatic representation

1 1..* ◄ commissions 0..* 1..* has topic ► 0..* 1..* ◄ applies to 1 1 commissions ► 1 1..* is able to be assigned ► 1..* 0..* authorizes ► 1 0..* gives way to ► 1 1 triggers ► continuity facilitator mandate: healthcare mandate assigning the right and obligation to monitor and coordinate the delivery of care described in those care period mandates related to healthcare matters linked by specific health threads continuity facilitator mandate healthcare matter: representation of a matter related to the health of a subject of care and/or the provision of healthcare to that subject of care, as identified by one or more healthcare actors healthcare matter healthcare service: service that is the result of a healthcare process healthcare service healthcare provider activity: healthcare activity performed by a healthcare provider healthcare provider activity care period mandate: healthcare mandate commissioning a mandated period of care care period mandate healthcare provider: healthcare actor that is able to be assigned one or more care period mandates healthcare provider demand for care: demand for healthcare provider activities expressed by a healthcare actor demand for care demand mandate: healthcare mandate implying the right and obligation to demand healthcare activities demand mandate mandated period of care: set of healthcare activity periods where a healthcare provider is mandated to perform the healthcare activities required to address specific health needs mandated period of care healthcare mandate: mandate (commission) based on a commitment and either an informed consent or an authorization by law, defining the rights and obligations of one healthcare actor with regard to his involvement in healthcare processes performed for a specific subject of care healthcare mandate
care period mandate

Simple graph - care period mandate

Required associations

exactly one healthcare provider is able to be assigned one or more care period mandates
exactly one care period mandate commissions exactly one mandated period of care
exactly one care period mandate commissions one or more healthcare services
a number of care period mandates has topic one or more healthcare matters
exactly one demand mandate gives way to a number of care period mandates

Optional associations

one or more care period mandates authorizes a number of healthcare provider activities
a number of continuity facilitator mandates applies to one or more care period mandates
up to one demand for care triggers up to one care period mandate


    healthcare mandate
care period mandate


care period mandate