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observed or potential observable aspects of the health state at a given time


This is an abstract item and should be implemented through one of the concrete specialisations

Term: health condition; 
Plural: health conditions; 


NOTE 1 In the perspective of healthcare, the term health condition is often used to label a harmful or adverse condition (diseases, disorders, injuries, etc.), because it may motivate certain healthcare activities.

NOTE 2 A health state is an object, a perception of which is a health condition. The underlying health state is nevertheless present even if not perceived by an observer, for example, the subject of care having a cancer before it gives symptoms.

NOTE 3 In a clinical process, the health state of the subject of care is process input and also the process output. The evolving health state follows a life cycle and along its successive steps, is observed as different health conditions: initial, observed condition, considered condition, professionally assessed condition, resultant condition (the outcome of the process), evaluated.

NOTE 4 A diagnosis is a way to describe and label certain types of health conditions.

NOTE 5 health condition may relate to a past, present or potential future health state.

NOTE 6 A health condition is a health issue and as such is a representation of aspect(s) of the health state.


EXAMPLES A health problem, diagnosis: an acute myocardial infarction (professionally assessed condition); a symptom: a head ache (observed condition).

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - health condition

Required associations

Optional associations

one or more health conditions governs the choice of a number of clinical pathways
a number of health condition evolutions shows the evolution of one or more health conditions
a number of clinical pathways addresses one or more health conditions


        healthcare matter
    health issue
health condition


health condition
    health problem
    potential health condition
        considered condition
            working diagnosis
            excluded condition
        prognostic condition
        risk condition
        target condition
    observed condition
        resultant condition
        professionally assessed condition
            working diagnosis