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defined association between healthcare matters as determined by one or more healthcare actors


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: health thread; 
Plural: health threads; 


NOTE 1 A health thread reconciles a range of healthcare matters reflecting the variety of scopes of healthcare actors, particularly of healthcare providers.

NOTE 2 A health thread inherently associates the healthcare processes as well as the healthcare activity period elements referring to those healthcare matters.

NOTE 3 A health thread may be established by a team (e.g. a coordination committee).

NOTE 4 A health thread can be built step-by-step, by allowing each healthcare professional to add their perspective into a common health thread.

NOTE 7 Under the responsibility of a designated healthcare actor, a health thread linking several healthcare matters can describe an episodes of care bundle, for instance, a partial or comprehensive synthesis of healthcare actor related episodes of care.

NOTE 8 A collective decision (before, during or after the healthcare interventions) may define a health thread and so the idea of the 'episode' accepted by all the healthcare professionals involved.

NOTE 9 Two health conditions may sometimes only be recognized as belonging to the same health thread late in the process of care. Conversely, two health conditions thought initially to belong to the same health thread may need to be separated later.

NOTE 10 Since a health thread links any number of healthcare matters; it also may link health threads linking other health issues. Hence, a health thread may be considered an aggregation of health issues and/or health threads.



UML class diagram

0..* 0..* links ► 1 1 delineates ► 0..* links ► 1 1 delineates ► 0..* 0..* has topic ► 1..* 0..* defines ► 0..* 0..* addresses ► healthcare matter: representation of a matter related to the health of a subject of care and/or the provision of healthcare to that subject of care, as identified by one or more healthcare actors healthcare matter health concern: health record extract that includes all health record components associated with a health thread for a specific concern health concern health condition evolution: health thread showing the evolution of health conditions during a healthcare process, starting with the health condition that represents the input health state health condition evolution health problem list: health thread linking a set of health problems health problem list care plan: dynamic, personalized plan including identified needed healthcare activities, health objectives and healthcare goals, relating to one or more specified health issues in a healthcare process care plan clinical process interest: health thread comprising all healthcare matters related to a specific clinical process clinical process interest healthcare actor: organization or person participating in healthcare healthcare actor health thread: defined association between healthcare matters as determined by one or more healthcare actors health thread continuity facilitator mandate: healthcare mandate assigning the right and obligation to monitor and coordinate the delivery of care described in those care period mandates related to healthcare matters linked by specific health threads continuity facilitator mandate episodes of care bundle: group of episodes of care delineated by a health thread episodes of care bundle
health thread

Required associations

one or more healthcare actors defines a number of health threads

Optional associations

exactly one health thread delineates up to one episodes of care bundle
a number of continuity facilitator mandates has topic a number of health threads
a number of health threads links a number of health threads
a number of health threads links a number of health threads
a number of health threads links a number of healthcare matters
exactly one health thread delineates up to one health concern
a number of care plans addresses a number of health threads

The representation of a model conforming to the international standard ISO 13940 available through this site is provided by Oughtibridge Ltd.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This work is based on a UML model prepared by Torbjørn Nystadnes of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, a subordinate agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.