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group of episodes of care delineated by a health thread


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: episodes of care bundle; 
Synonym: episodes of healthcare bundle; cumulative episode of care; 
Plural: episodes of care bundles; 


NOTE 1 An episodes of care bundle starts with the very first contact with a healthcare provider for a health issue considered in a health thread and ends after the completion of all healthcare activities related to the last contact with any healthcare provider for a health issue encompassed in the same health thread.

NOTE 2 As different health threads may be considered that reconcile the perspectives of different healthcare actors (e.g. a care team manager, or a health authority) or sets of healthcare actors, there may exist different health threads according to the specific perspectives of those sets of healthcare actors that justify building up such health threads. As a consequence there may exist as many episodes of care bundles as there are such health threads.

NOTE 3 From the electronic health record point of view, an episodes of care bundle shows the overall healthcare activity period elements related to those health issues that are linked by the same health thread.

NOTE 4 In EN 13940-1:2007 cumulative episode of care was the preferred term for this concept.


EXAMPLES A cumulative episode of diabetes mellitus, a cumulative episode of breast cancer.

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - episodes of care bundle

Required associations

exactly one health thread delineates up to one episodes of care bundle
one or more episodes of care a number of episodes of care bundles

Optional associations


episodes of care bundle


episodes of care bundle