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Alignment with other standards

  • The concepts in ISO 30182 would be a useful consideration in revision of the concept model
  • The modelling of roles needs further refinement and consideration of the link between a role and a mandate
  • ISO 12381:2019 health informatics — Explicit time-related expressions for healthcare-specific problems includes definitions for useful time related concepts.

Issues with concepts

Issues with terms

  • Consider renaming health concern to make it clearer in the term that this is a type of extract (record concept) rather than simply a concern

Definition issues

LEAVE occurs when a patient who is using a bed in a hospital WARD or care home, spends a period of time outside the hospital WARD or care home. For some types of LEAVE, the patient is intended to return after a specified period.

healthcare third party having person role with the right to take decisions on behalf of the subject of care

Suggest removing “person” from person role.

Association issues

None documented

Suggested additional notes

  • It would be helpful to explain the impact of dissent and to provide examples

Suggested amended or additional examples

Suggested additional synonyms

Published on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 by Nicholas O