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healthcare provider having an organization role


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: healthcare organization; 
Synonym: healthcare delivery organization; care organization; 
Plural: healthcare organizations; 


NOTE 1 Groupings or subdivisions of an organization, such as departments or sub-departments, may also be considered as organizations where there is need to identify them. The internal structure of an organization is described by its organizational pattern.

NOTE 2 Effectively, a healthcare organization relies on the activity performed by healthcare personnel, whether employed, contracting, or with temporary informal though functional relationships between them. A healthcare team working together, for example, a specific type of clinical process with participants from different departments is also a kind of healthcare organization.

NOTE 3 A free-standing self-employed solo practising healthcare professional shall be considered as the only member of his/her own healthcare organization.

NOTE 4 organizations may have a number of different roles. When an organization acts in a role where its healthcare personnel participate in the direct provision of healthcare, it is called a healthcare organization.


EXAMPLES A care team, a group practice, a hospital, a hospital department, a hospital care unit, self-employed GP

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - healthcare organization

Required associations

exactly one healthcare organization performs one or more healthcare quality managements
exactly one healthcare organization one or more healthcare personnels

Optional associations

one or more healthcare organizations adopts a number of core care plans


        healthcare actor
    healthcare provider
    organizational role
healthcare organization


healthcare organization