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healthcare process encompassing all healthcare provider activities and other prescribed healthcare activities that addresses identified or specified health issues


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: clinical process; 
Plural: clinical processes; 


NOTE 1 As such, a clinical process is a set of interrelated or interacting healthcare activities, which are performed for a subject of care with one or more health issues.

NOTE 2 The primary input and output to a clinical process is the health state.

NOTE 3 In a clinical process a subject of care and healthcare professionals interact in all types of healthcare activities.

NOTE 4 A clinical process comprises all kinds of healthcare activities, mainly healthcare provider activities, but also self-care activities as prescribed or recommended by healthcare professionals.

NOTE 5 The clinical process can be regarded as the key type of process to support continuity of care from the perspective of the subject of care.

NOTE 6 clinical processes are the essential, central and most important type of healthcare processes.

NOTE 7 A relevant distinction exists between the primary input (the subject of care's initial health state) and secondary or ancillary inputs (the resources brought in to perform the clinical process).


Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph

UML style

Entity - relationship (crows feet)

Required associations

one or more clinical processes includes one or more mandated periods of care
a number of clinical processes addresses one or more health issues
exactly one clinical process episode is time interval for exactly one clinical process

Optional associations

a number of clinical process outcome evaluations evaluates outcome of exactly one clinical process
exactly one clinical process has up to one clinical process interest
up to one initial contact establishes exactly one clinical process


    healthcare process
clinical process


clinical process