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potential health condition considered by a healthcare actor on the basis of one or more observed conditions


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: considered condition; 
Synonym: considered health condition; 
Plural: considered conditions; 


NOTE 1 A request for care normally includes a health condition or symptom observed by the subject of care and also a question about what the reason for that symptom might be. It is the potential health condition in this question (the health condition behind the symptom) that is called a considered condition.

NOTE 2 A referral within a clinical process is normally motivated by one or several observed conditions and/or professionally assessed conditions. However the referral also normally includes a question that the healthcare investigation is supposed to get an answer to. The question formulated as a potential condition is a considered condition.

NOTE 3 A considered condition remains considered until the associated observed conditions are changed or completed. healthcare investigation and/or healthcare treatment result in new observations that can verify or not verify the (suspected) considered condition. When a considered condition is verified it is transformed into an observed condition and/or professionally assessed condition that also could be labelled as a working diagnosis. If a considered condition cannot be verified by relevant healthcare activities it is transformed into an excluded condition.

NOTE 4 A working diagnosis is often identified in the clinical process as a summary after the planned healthcare investigation are completed. A working diagnosis in this stage is often called a diagnosis. An excluded condition could correspondingly be called a negation of a working diagnosis.


EXAMPLES Diagnostic hypothesis, any candidate in a differential diagnosis set.

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - considered condition

Required associations

a number of considered conditions is based on one or more observed conditions

Optional associations


                healthcare matter
            health issue
        health condition
    potential health condition
considered condition