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phenomenon that is not part of the normal course of a process but might influence it


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: unintended event; 
Plural: unintended events; 


NOTE 1 to entry: An unintended event can be either expected or unexpected.

NOTE 2 to entry: Activities in a process are deliberate and have a purpose. In an ideal situation purposes are always fulfilled. If an activity in whatever other process has an impact on the process currently analysed, the effect of this activity is perceived by the current process as an unintended event. Then the course of the process may deviate from the expected one. Such an exception from the desired course might prove negative or positive in comparison to the desired process outcome.


EXAMPLES Surgical complication (anatomy and tissue reacts in an unexpected manner), electrical failure, contamination in a medicinal product, hardware failure, spontaneous recovery when the patient is awaiting therapy.

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unintended event


unintended event
    adverse event