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data value used for representing identifier that uniquely identifies an object


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: instance identifier value; 
Plural: instance identifier values; 


NOTE 1 Instance identifiers are defined based on ISO object identifiers.

NOTE 2 An identifier allows someone to select one record, object or thing from a set of candidates. Usually an identifier alone without any context is not usable.

NOTE 3 This DATA_VALUE specialization is equivalent to ISO 21090:2011 II data type. The displayable, scope and reliability attributes have been removed.


EXAMPLES EHR identifier, EHR system identifier, order id, service catalogue item id, Vehicle Identification, Number (VIN), driving licence identifier, US social security number, NHS number, Australian medicare number, etc.

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph

UML style

Entity - relationship (crows feet)

Required associations

Optional associations


    data value
instance identifier value


instance identifier value