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UML class diagram

folder: structure component used for creating hierarchical structures within an EHR extract and with compositions as leaf nodes folder professional health record: health record held under the responsibility of one healthcare provider and maintained by one or several healthcare professionals professional health record personal health record: health record held and maintained by the subject of care or a subject of care proxy personal health record health record extract: part or all of a health record extracted for the purpose of communication health record extract electronic health record component: health record component which only includes information in electronic format electronic health record component health record: data repository regarding the health and healthcare of a subject of care health record electronic health record: electronic health record extracted component set: structure component extracted from an EHR for the purpose of being communicated in an EHR extract as the target of one or more links extracted component set 0..* demographic extract: demographic information extracted for the purpose of being included in an EHR extract or an EHR audit log extract demographic extract attestation information: base component documenting the details of an attestation of a set of electronic health record components attestation information structure component: electronic health record component which contain one of more other electronic health record components structure component 0..* 1..* ◄ target base component: abstract class that include the properties common for all revisable classes included in EHR extract base component 1 0..* 1 0..* electronic health record extract: health record extract consisting solely of electronic record components electronic health record extract 1 1 1 1