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resource needed to perform healthcare activities


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: healthcare resource; 
Plural: healthcare resources; 


NOTE As a healthcare process develops, the healthcare resources follow a life cycle. Examples of steps of such a life cycle are: 'available', 'booked', 'provided', ''in use', 'consumed', etc.


EXAMPLES healthcare professional on duty, operation theatre, instruments ready to use, consultation rooms, bed in a ward, prepared medicinal products, Electrocardiography-device, blood sample, donated kidney, etc.

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph

UML style

Entity - relationship (crows feet)

Required associations

one or more healthcare activities requires one or more healthcare resources
one or more healthcare resource managements direct and control the supply and use of one or more healthcare resources

Optional associations

a number of healthcare fundss is funding a number of healthcare resources


healthcare resource