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request sent out by a healthcare actor to another healthcare actor for specific healthcare information needed for the provision of healthcare to a subject of care


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: healthcare information request; 
Synonym: specific healthcare information request; 
Plural: healthcare information requests; 


NOTE 1 In order to fulfil the request, a mandate to export personal information is needed.

NOTE 2 In EN 13940-1:2007 specific clinical information request was the preferred term for this concept.


Required associations

exactly one healthcare actor sends out a number of healthcare information requests
exactly one healthcare actor receives a number of healthcare information requests

Optional associations

a number of healthcare information requests is topic for a number of health record extracts

The representation of a model conforming to the international standard ISO 13940 available through this site is provided by Oughtibridge Ltd.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This work is based on a UML model prepared by Torbjørn Nystadnes of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, a subordinate agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.