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deficit in the current health state compared to aspects of a desired future health state


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: health need; 
Plural: health needs; 


NOTE 1 A health need is the deficit in a subject of care’s health state.

NOTE 2 The current health state is observed as observed conditions.

NOTE 3 The desired future health state can be a health objective expressed as target conditions.

NOTE 4 The health need can be identified and formulated by the subject of care or by any other healthcare actor.

NOTE 5 health needs are the motivations/indications for healthcare activities and are the basic input to healthcare needs assessments.


Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph

UML style

Entity - relationship (crows feet)

Required associations

exactly one subject of care has or has had a number of health needs
a number of health needs is deficit in exactly one health state
one or more needed healthcare activities addresses one or more health needs

Optional associations

a number of health needs is background for a number of reason for demand for cares
exactly one health need is considered during a number of healthcare needs assessments
a number of health objectives addresses one or more health needs


health need


health need