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Related concepts

attestation information
base component documenting the details of an attestation of a set of electronic health record components
audit information
documentation of the details of a revision of a base component
base component
abstract class that include the properties common for all revisable classes included in EHR extract
demographic cluster
structure component used for creating hierarchical structures within an demographic entry and with demographic elements as leaf nodes
demographic element
record component within a demographic entity or demographic cluster containing a single data value
demographic entity
structure component containing demographic information describing a single person, device, software agent or organisation
demographic extract
demographic information extracted for the purpose of being included in an EHR extract
demographic folder
structure component used for creating hierarchical structures within a demographic extract and with demographic entities as leaf nodes
demographic item
abstract structure component that holds all properties common for demographic clusters and demographic elements
electronic health record component
base component that describes an association from information in an EHR extract to other information within that EHR extract
structure component
electronic health record component which contain one of more other electronic health record components

UML class diagram

The representation of a model conforming to the international standard ISO 13940 available through this site is provided by Oughtibridge Ltd.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This work is based on a UML model prepared by Torbjørn Nystadnes of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, a subordinate agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.