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method of delivering healthcare initiated by a responsible healthcare actor and thereafter delivered automatically by an automatic medical device


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: automated healthcare; 
Plural: automated healthcares; 


NOTE automated healthcare is not a healthcare activity in its own right since the automatic medical device doesn't have the capacity to be responsible. It is the healthcare actor who initiates and reviews the automated healthcare that is responsible for safe use of the automatic medical device.


EXAMPLE Activities performed by the machine during a long term Electrocardiography (“Holter recording”) programme, implanted cardiac defibrillator.

Required associations

exactly one automatic medical device delivers a number of automated healthcares
one or more healthcare actors is responsible for a number of automated healthcares
a number of automated healthcares initiated during exactly one healthcare activity

Optional associations

a number of automated healthcares terminated during up to one healthcare activity
a number of automated healthcares reviewed during a number of healthcare activities
a number of automated healthcares results in a number of non-ratified healthcare informations


automated healthcare


automated healthcare

The representation of a model conforming to the international standard ISO 13940 available through this site is provided by Oughtibridge Ltd.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This work is based on a UML model prepared by Torbjørn Nystadnes of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, a subordinate agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.