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Related concepts

set of interrelated or interacting activities that use inputs to deliver an intended result
process model
representation of a process (3.6.1)
output of an organization that can be produced without any transaction taking place between the organization and the customer

Diagrammatic representations

1..* 1..* addresses ► 0..* 1..* ◄ addresses 0..* 0..* identifies ► 1..* 0..* ◄ governs the choice of 0..* 1..* addresses ► 0..* 1 changes statuses of healthcare activities in ► 1 1..* ◄ informs 0..* 0..* 0..* 1 is scheduled in ► 0..* 0..* ◄ is recorded in 1..* 1..* contributes to achievement of ► 0..* 0..* ◄ makes decisions assisted by 0..* 1..* is centred on ► 0..* 0..* 0..* ◄ implements 0..* 0..* ◄ complies with 0..* 0..* is planned in 0..* 1..* ◄ refers to 0..* 1..* 0..* applies ► 1..* 0..* ◄ adopts 0..* 0..* ◄ is based upon 0..* 1..* 0..* 0..* represents ► 0..* 1..* 0..* 0..* addresses 0..* 1..* ◄ is result of 0..* 0..* ◄ is based upon 0..* 1 addresses ► 1..* 1..* targets ► 1..* 1..* targets ► 1..* 1..* targets ► 0..* 1..* ◄ addresses 0..* 0..* ◄ represents health need: deficit in the current health state compared to aspects of a desired future health state health need needed healthcare activity: healthcare activities bundle which includes those healthcare activities assessed as needed to address specified health need needed healthcare activity health condition: observed or potential observable aspects of the health state at a given time health condition healthcare activity management: healthcare activity element during which the status of healthcare activities in a care plan are changed healthcare activity management healthcare appointment: appointment for a contact healthcare appointment health record: data repository regarding the health and healthcare of a subject of care health record multi-professional care plan: care plan encompassing healthcare provider activities performed by healthcare professionals having different healthcare professional entitlements multi-professional care plan healthcare needs assessment: healthcare assessment during which a healthcare professional considers a subject of care’s health need and determines the needed healthcare activities healthcare needs assessment healthcare planning: element of healthcare activity management where a care plan is created or modified healthcare planning health thread: defined association between healthcare matters as determined by one or more healthcare actors health thread target condition: potential health condition representing health objectives and/or healthcare goals target condition core care plan: reusable content and structure for a potential care plan for a specified set of circumstances core care plan clinical pathway: pathway for the healthcare activities informing the content of core care plans clinical pathway healthcare process: set of interrelated or interacting healthcare activities which transforms inputs into outputs healthcare process health approach: episode of care during which the healthcare activities performed address one specific healthcare goal health approach care plan: dynamic, personalized plan including identified needed healthcare activities, health objectives and healthcare goals, relating to one or more specified health issues in a healthcare process care plan healthcare activity: activity intended directly or indirectly to improve or maintain a health state healthcare activity uniprofessional care plan: care plan limited to those healthcare provider activities performed by healthcare professionals having the same healthcare professional entitlement uniprofessional care plan healthcare activities bundle: set of healthcare activities healthcare activities bundle clinical guideline: set of systematically developed statements to assist the decisions made by healthcare actors about healthcare activities to be performed with regard to specified health issues clinical guideline health objective: desired ultimate achievement of a healthcare process addressing health needs health objective healthcare organization: healthcare provider having an organization role healthcare organization protocol: customized clinical guideline protocol healthcare goal: desired achievement of one or more healthcare activities, considered as an intermediate operational step to reach a specific health objective healthcare goal health issue: representation of an issue related to the health of a subject of care as identified by one or more healthcare actors health issue healthcare actor: organization or person participating in healthcare healthcare actor
Figure 77 Concepts related to healthcare planning

Simple graph Process Management terms and definitions